SP Studios Pricing

High Quality Work – A Little More Expensive

Our Project Rates

We would love to discuss your next project. We are not inexpensive, but we can scale it up or down to suit your budget, timeframe, scope, and ambition. Typically a small project = small budget and a larger project = larger budget but we will deliver quality work no matter what the size.

Our Retainer Rates

Most often, a retainer is the best way to work together. Usually it involves a set fee (monthly) to do a set amount of fairly regular work over a period of time. In addition to reducing paperwork, a retainer can quite easily expand to include additional, relevant projects.

Negotiable Compensation

We are not opposed to taking on some risk, but generally we prefer to work with well-established firms or well-funded start-ups. SP Studios is open to working within your business plan, budget, and schedule. Please feel free to let us know what you have in mind.